Lukas Gorecki

 suffocated at work – from to. That’s why – he says – he jumped from the edge into the unknown and now he is a happy man. He does not split up with a piece of paper and a pencil because he never knows when a great idea will come to his mind. He works a lot, but he does what he likes. In the studio, he creates furniture for photographic sessions of newborns, which come from Leszno, Poland to various corners of the world.

Łukasz Górecki

has the diploma of a medical rescuer at the University of Poznan. Five years ago, he returned to Leszno, he needed financial stability for his family. That’s why he found a full-time job to make the salary every month and on time.
– For 3 years I stood by the machine, and I was drawing in my head, the obsession of it has been in my head since I was a child. All the time I had a feeling that I did not fit the place where I was.
Łukasz’s wife deals with newborn photography. For her studio he created original mini furniture designs.
– It was an intense time. At 6 o’clock I went to work, at 2:40 pm I was at home, dinner, and then work in the workshop until late evening. After one and a half year I gave a dismissal from work. I jumped from the edge into the unknown and today I am a happy man. What I do, is not “a job”, cause in the studio I feel that I’m in the right place. I am very happy because I found myself in the world of drawing above everything, everything starts from it. And when I enter the workshop, I open energy drink, light a cigarette, play classical music and I work. Ideas? Suddenly something like a blow hits me, I see the project and immediately start drawing.
And for example if my wife Natalia did something else, I could also deal with something different. And that I’ve worked in so many places, someone could say: if he’s for everything, he’s good for nothing.
The beginnings …

The first piece of a small sofa made by Łukasz appeared on the website of his wife’s photo studio.
– I am using a computer very rarely, I’m getting lost in it, it’s too complicated. That’s why Natalia took control. She founded a fan page and on one November night I received almost 40 messages from around the world with questions about my furniture. I told myself, Górecki, calm Yourself down, not everything at the same time, with calmness, because chaos works badly on a man.
Among the questioners, there were people who have extensive experience in the photographic industry.
– It’s double excitement. I stated: why a known photographer could not take advantage of my proposal. And when someone asks me what I’m doing in my life, my answer is: small furniture, I’m not cheating on anything anymore because I’ve had different reactions.
Some have treated my work as a whim. However, I think that although I do not go anywhere, after 4 years I made my own brand. My projects from the beginning to the end are mine, handmade.

In the Lukasz`s worksop

In the Lukasz’s workshop 80 models and 1068 furniture were created, which spread all over the world.
– Antarctica is the only continent where my furniture have not reached.
He did the studio in the garden of his parents-in-law. There is a holy peace.
– Work absorbs me, I do not like being knocked out of it and sometimes I force myself to return to reality. I have a family, I cannot be an artist with a pen next to my head, which flies somewhere in the clouds. You have to go down to the ground, make furniture so that they would capture with their beauty and what is most important to me that they should be 100% safe. That no element would leave unnecessarily. I use hypoallergenic fabrics that are manufactured in the Emirates, Brazil and the United States.
Łukasz emphasizes that the fabric dresses a piece of furniture, only thanks to the fabric it acquires character.
The largest piece of furniture that he made did not exceed a meter in length.

– When it comes to shipping, I will not send anything to Israel. Because it does not matter that the piece of furniture was made a week ago, from wood bought a month earlier. The stylization is made from an old piece of furniture and this already precludes its acceptance in Israel.
In terms of orders, the requirements depend on the country. For example, for photographers in Saudi Arabia, the project must be glamorous – gold, glitter and sparkle, the same for US.
– I do it, but I do not necessarily like it. I feel in projects in pastel colors and without tuning.
Łukasz works with women the most, because they have magic, which even half a percent does not have the men. And with them the matter is simple, there is no conversation under the title of arrangement or additions. It is different with women.



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